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Personal Training

Looking to make a change? Enlist the help of an expert. It just works. Whether your goal is weight loss, improved fitness, bodybuilding or training for a specific event, a personal trainer is the best possible way to guarantee results.

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Choose where and how you train. We work with hundreds of personal trainers all over the UK meaning you can find someone local to you. Rather train at home or alone? No problem! Get the help and support of an expert with our online training plans and smash your fitness targets wherever you feel most comfortable.

Online Plans

Prefer to train alone but want the help of an expert? Get the best of both worlds with our online training plans. Get a set plan that matches your goals or a custom plan designed for you by one of our personal trainers. They’re ready and waiting to help you get started.

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It is really nice to have the one-on-one attention, I get a much better work out when I am being guided by someone who can make sure I am pushing myself in a healthy way. Thank you for all your help CFW! Renáta Szajduk


Training in a group is a fun, rewarding way to achieve your fitness goals. Use the support of an expert and others to learn new skills and improve your level of fitness. From Zumba to Spinning, there’s an abundance of interesting classes to choose from. Choose yours now and get training.

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